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Outdoor protection

Fields, where have no or weak infrastucture, the continuous area defence can be solved applying by IT devices easily and economically.

Our application for forest and area protection detects vehicles which are suitable for transportation, with that help we offer effective protection for the preservation of forests, fishponds, beekeepers, machinery and other values outdoor.

Hungary’s 20% is forestry, our common interest to protect it.

The protection of forests and nature is our common mission

But from what dangers we must protect a forest?

Timber theft

In our country this is the most common problem. According to estimations more than 300 thousand cube meter wood is stolen yearly, which means 13-16 million EUR (4-5 billion HUF) of damage. Considering all the perpetrations only the fragments of these are successfully identified, because besides catching the perpetrators in the act there is not much more possibilities to prove their crimes.


The illegal logging, the harm done by tree theft and the mutilation of nature is a serious problem. In addition, the infrastructure that helps resting and disengagement (eg. signage, sports field, forest railroad) frequently becomes the victim of vandalism.

illegal waste dumping

After the spring-cleaning period the quantity of the illegally dumped waste is greatly increased. The perpetrators frequently don’t even take the trouble to dump their rubbish in an assigned area because often we find their mess in the middle of the hiking roads.

Quad drivers / bikers

The calm of our frequently visited forests is embarassed by off road bikers and quad drivers. Besides that they distract nature’s peace their illegal activity can cause accidents to the families participating in hiking, recreational activities in the forest.


What can we do against the problems?

In areas in need of protection we place IT devices (wireless sensors), which constanly monitor, sense and evaluate if there is any events that are out of the ordinary and alarms when they happen. Seaforest provides this solution to us!

SeaForest is a product by our company, which consists of wireless sensors and a monitoring software. The collection, storage and processing of the data sent through mobile internet from the sensors placed out in the forest is processed by a central computer (server) and the results of this process can be seen on both PCs and mobile devices. In the case of suspicious event the software alarms the assigned persons in either SMS or EMAIL. Exploiting the collected and stored data it will be completed reports which can be visualized on lists, graphs and optionally on map.


To protect the assets of the forest, nature’s treasures it is not neccessary to remain on location because the monitoring can be done from far with only a mobile phone in our pocket!



What are the benefits of SeaForest?




It gives help for forest experts by monitoring the traffic in sensitive areas, senses illegal activities and warns the forester or other observing officers.



The small sized devices can be easily installed, dismantled or relocated on a landmark in assigned areas. They can be easily disguised and difficult to detect.


Long Operation

The sensors have low energy consumption and they can work for a long period without any problems and not necessary the often battery changes.



This solution does not need a separate IT investment, the sensors only need a very small investment and can be even used only for one entry point.



The network is flexibly expandable and modifiable, the sensors can be quickly relocated and modified easily to suit the features of the new terrain.


The main objective of SeaForest to detect the movement of vehichles which are capable of timber transportation from the forest. The most effective method of stopping illegal logging and those quad drivers/ bikers who are unsparing to nature, is to monitor all traffic leading into the forest. For the matter of this all the entry points should be equipped by special sensors which can identify all types of vehichles (cars, trucks, bikes, quads, etc.) on the road with high accuracy and can even sense the direction they headed. This way the chance of getting caught is greatly increased.

Applying SeaForest effetively decrease the illegal theft of timber, illegal dumping and decrease the presence of noise and erosion what caused by quads and motorcycles.

SeaForest – The Forest Sentinel.  Let’s start using it now!

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