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Large-scale areas

It is not easy to protect values of large-scale areas, assets or objects in forests and in their environment. One of the difficulties, that manpower can’t be on all places, the protection devices can’t be installed everywhere, so it must be solved to have a focus only on the critical points. The other difficulty, that these areas have no or only week infrastucture and have extreme weather conditions, so it must be fought with real field circumstances.

Seaforest is an intelligence area protector, what can be used as one application area in the forests. The essential of this application, that it can work on areas where have no or week infratructure and it monitors the traffic in outdoor, so it can filter out and make alarm if somebody illegaly staying on the given point. It helps for the forests to detect tree thefts, illegal logging or waste dumping , besides it can be useful for fishponds, apiaries and machineries too.


Private areas

The private areas usually have private roads which used by incompetent persons. There are no physical protection or barriers and there are no permanent guard or reception services, then it should use other types of devices to detect the undesirable traffic.


We can defined fishponds as special private areas, where besides the natural assets are valuable machines and other equipments. These assets are really valuable for the operators, so the thefts and vandalism mean serious financial risk. In addition the fish stock has also big values, so protecting them is key issue for fish farming.


Usually hives are placed in outdoor without any protection. The beekeepers check the honey production usually, but protecting hives is another task. This duty requires expertise. Applying by permanent guard is not realistic but the IT devices can help the manpower because they are able to detect the illegal traffic or the removal of bee hives.


Besides the area protection it is another important thing the protection of machineries which are used temporarily or permanently in outside. Most of these are not lockable, because of their operation they must be placed out in outdoor. These can only serve their purpose if these won’t be damaged or moved.